The Magic Behind Music

   By: Brenna Seddens 

     There’s something that has been widely discussed for years now, music. Even back in the 60s music grabbed listeners’ hearts and inspired revolution and social change. Why is it that words sung by alluring voices accompanied by an appealing mix of instruments can ignite so much passion? Truthfully it’s as simple as the fact that we get a sense of belonging from the lyrics of our favorite artists.

     Music can allow people, who fundamentally have nothing in common, to bond. When we meet new people it can be a struggle to find something to talk about and that awkward silence begins to feel like it’s going to suffocate you. A great way to dispel that awkward silence is to bring up music. Whether you two start fighting over which artist is better or you realize that you love the same songs, there will at least be a conversation going. Then suddenly the silence is overtaken by the power of music.

     When you get into a friend’s car you expect music to be coming from the speakers. To pass the drive time you and your friends will sing along to the words of the artists that you’ve fallen in love with. Now, no one expects you to be as talented as the artist whose lyrics you’re belting out, in fact it’s more fun if you aren’t so that you can let loose and even get a little silly.

     Songs that makes you smile are always important, but music that makes you feel something is just as impactful. Everyone has specific songs that they want to listen to when their upset. Music will always there to comfort you whether you’re sad or angry or frustrated with everyone around you. The songs that tear at your heartstrings because you can feel the artist’ s emotion in the melody and the lyrics resonate in your mind can be so powerful because you know that the song truly means something to the creator, maybe even that they feel the same way as you.

     Music. A simple five letter words that has so many different meaning depending on who you ask. A word that lets people know that they’re not alone in such a huge world, that not only does one person understand what they’re going through, but thousands of others as well. In an ever-changing world, music is the one constant. 


Snapchat; most associate the app with the iconic fluorescent yellow interface as well as the adorable little ghost, and use it for simply interacting with friends. But as of recently, certain companies are delving into using Snapchat as a way to establish and market their brand.

“Snapchat is a tool used for expression and community building. It has over 150 million active daily users worldwide. Despite it targeting a younger demographic initially, half of all new users signing up are over the age of 25” says Min Fang of The fact that the app is now reaching towards a broader audience projects the question of where it will go from here. Already, Snapchat stands out far from others in the forefront of digital media, but it’s really up to its users to take it a step further. With other forms of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, content is very much fabricated. The appeal with Snapchat is that it provides an outlet of creativity that is quite personal and interactive, even more so than Facebook and others.

These qualities are beginning to appeal to businesses across all spectrums. Jessica Maslin, directing partner at DayDreamCinema, describes Snapchat in use of corporations as “a glimpse into the lifestyle of your company. It represents an innovative way to humanize your brand and your company.” Companies like Sour Patch Kids, Gatorade, Colourpop, and even The New York Times have fallen into the world of Snapchat for that very reason. Being able to connect on a truly personal level with one’s consumers and following should be the ultimate goal of a business. By publishing content to their stories daily for their followers to see and interact with, they are advertising their brand without spending any money, which is another appeal to companies. Some have even started putting out exclusive coupon codes strictly for their Snapchat followers.

So, seeing as how everybody and their moms are joining Snapchat, it may quickly become the future of advertising for companies looking to gain a more authentic relationship with their consumers.

Spring Training is in Full Swing!

 By: Brenna Seddens

      It’s finally back! Spring training is, once again, in full swing. It’s the time of year that baseball fans wait for after the conclusion of the World Series. The current title-holders are selling out spring training games because everyone is interested to see how the champs will play. Not only are the Cubs getting a lot of attention, but fans of every team are flocking to stadiums to get their first look at their favorite team. There are new faces that interested fans want to judge and see how they mix into the new team. Not only are spectators paying attention to the new players, but they also want to see how their team has improved since the end of the last season. Spring training offers hope for a better season to devoted fans and a chance for teams to start with a clean slate.

     There are multiple aspects that make attending a spring training game so unique and exciting. Of course, the main reason is getting a taste of the competitive atmosphere once again after months of silence, getting a chance to fill a previously empty void. Attending a game at Peoria Sports Complex offers the chance to get an autograph from an admired player as they walk into the stadium.

     A great element of going to spring training game is getting the chance to choose how you want to watch the game; you can relax on the lawn, or relax in a shaded seat. Sitting in the lawn will offer the exciting experience of being close to the beautiful field, closer than you will most likely get the entire season.

     Then, there’s the intoxicating aroma of varying foods once you walk through the gates. From typical concessions to unique food trucks, you’re sure to find something that will delight your taste buds.  While you’re sitting under the unrelenting sun, enjoying an iced lemonade or a frozen treat will seem like heaven to you. After all, who doesn’t enjoy hearing the chants of salesmen trying to convince you to buy their product.

     Whether you’re a fan of baseball or not, spring training is a great way to have fun with a group friends, and escape from the usual routine. Get some sun before summer starts this year while watching professional athletes in action, you won’t regret heading out to support your favorite team.

(AW)-uschwitz Love Story

By: Shawn Montilla

Out of the many horrors that were uncovered throughout the events of the Holocaust, none have been as gruesome and heart wrenching than what went down inside the concentration camps; to be more specific one of the harshest of them all: Auschwitz.  Inside these camps there were brutal tortures and wicked experiments that were a constant threat, families were broken up and killed, and loved ones were separated from one another awaiting labor and execution.

With that, when the allies finally broke through and uncovered the devious and heinous acts of Germany, they were disgusted to find the grotesque remains of the corpses and those barely living.

Overall, love and romance was the last thing one would expect if they laid eyes on the wreckage. However, there was one such love story, John Mackay and Edith Steiner shall be celebrating their 71st Valentine’s Day together, and another fruitful year together in matrimonial bondage.

John Mackay and Edith Steiner started their love story long ago during the liberation of Auschwitz, when Mackay’s squadron liberated Jewish Prisoners, and among them, his future wife! Edith Steiner reportedly caught John’s eyes during a celebratory dance commemorating their liberation, and they later got married July 17th, 1946 and have been solely dedicated and in love since.

What electrifies this love story even more is the condition she was in. This was during the period of time where the ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele was conducting his heart wrenching experiments. Steiner as well as some of her other unfortunate prisoners were embarking on a death march to the Bergen-Belson concentration camp when she was rescued.

Brought from the metaphorical grave, rescued from the Angel of Death, their love has overcome all odds and shall cherish in future years. Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. and Mrs. Mackay, and a long fruitful year ahead!

Superbowl 51 Halftime

By: Cory Kohlerman

Super Bowl 51 was one to remember for what players did historically and for the game of football. As the Atlanta Falcons led the New England Patriots at half, there was one more performer who went down in history as one of the most famous performances to perform at halftime for a super bowl. Her name is Lady Gaga, she will join Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, the Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry as they were some of the other great acts who went down in history for their performances at super bowls.

Lady Gaga opened her act by singing “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie then she kept the crowd entertained by performing her own “Born this Way”. According to, these two songs were a rebuke to the Trump administration. She sang “Born This Way” to show that it doesn’t matter what race you are or who you are as a person, you were born to be who you want to be. Gaga also added to her performance by singing her hit singles like “Poker Face”, “Just Dance”, and “Telephone”.  Lady Gaga ended her performance with “Bad Romance” and by screaming “Super Bowl 51” then dropped her mic. Gaga managed to only change outfits twice where she is famous for her many costumes that she wears around. According to the last super bowl that was held in Houston, Janet Jackson performed for the halftime show where she had a wardrobe malfunction which made the NFL not want to hire any edgy pop stars for years. Gaga performed in front of 110 million people including the ones at the game and the ones watching the game at home with their friends and family. Lady Gaga’s performance will go down in super bowl halftime history as one of the great performances.

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